Vegan Lifestyle post: Sabon NYC- a vegan friendly bath and body company

photo (54)So my birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I told myself that for my birthday I was going to restock up on and try some new products from Sabon.

According to their website, almost all their products are suitable for vegans, except these (taken from their faq page):

A short list of our products may be avoidable by Vegan’s. Below is a list of products that contain animal or human byproducts: Body Butter (contains Beeswax) Candles (contains Beeswax) Vanilla Mask (contains both Collagen & Elastin) A&E Mask (contains Lanolin) Night Cream (contains both Collagen & Elastin) Desert Flower Moisture Lotion (contains Elastin) Loofah Soap (contains Sea Cucumber)

I first discovered their company when I lived in Boston and they had had a store location there (it has since went out as far as I know). They had a cool bath type fountain thing where every time you went in their they’d give you a free treatment. It was usually a hand wash type product, then their amazing scrubs (you could select what scent you wanted to try), and then try a lotion. The scrubs were what originally drew me in. And then I discovered they had a whole range of products with this amazing scent combination of patchouli, lavender, and vanilla. It is seriously my favorite scent now. But I would not try it at first because I hate the smell of patchouli on it’s own. When I did though, I became obsessed.

The only thing that really sucks is that the location near me went out so I can’t buy it except online. It was awesome though because apparently since I live somewhat close to NYC the shipping came amazingly fast.

The website has free shipping if you spend $100, but they also sometimes have special deals on shipping, and other types of sales very often that you can find out about if you are on their email list.

The other things I like: Most of their products are packaged in glass. This is much safer for our bodies (unless you drop it in the shower!) and more recyclable than plastic. Their customer service is awesome (I had a few minor issues trying to add the free birthday gift they said I could get during my birth month and called them and they were very kind and easy to interact with). It’s also the best smelling product ever, at least in my opinion, if I haven’t mentioned that enough.

I’m trying to wait until my birthday to try all the products. But I did try their body dew which is a water based perfume basically, and I love that. I also stocked up on body lotion, shower gel and oil, and body oil. They gave samples of the hand and foot lotions.

Now I will smell really good for a while! Yay!

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