Cake Batter Everything


Thanks to this recipe for cake batter butter, I discovered that vegan butter extract exists, and started going a little overboard making all things cake batter.

Then I decided to make a raspberry cake batter smoothie.


It’s basically two cups nondairy milk, a scoop of vanilla protein powder (I use Vega Essentials), 1/3 cup frozen raspberries, one banana, 1/2 tsp vegan butter extract, 1/2 tsp almond extract, and 2 tsp vanilla extract. I also added in some vegan sprinkles, So Delicious coco whip to make it creamier (about 1/3 cup in the smoothie, and more for the topping), and drank it out of a fun straw. If you make the nut butter, you can also add a tablespoon or two into the blender.


PS: If you like vegan, gluten free, soy free, and protein packed waffles, check out the new Fitquick birthday cake flavor…I haven’t tried it yet but I love their stuff and can’t wait until I can!


2 responses

  1. I love everything about this post! 1) vegan butter extract???!! I must get some and make cake batter things! 2) when I do, I’m so making this smoothie, 3) I JUST ordered the FitQuick birthday cake waffles earlier this week. I started listening to the Rise & Resist podcast last week, and that led me to look into FitQuick waffles. And even though they’re pricey, I figured it’s about the same as a tub of Vega, which I buy. So, I just did it!! I splurged for those and the pizza waffles. They should be in this Friday, and I cannot wait!

    • I hear the pizza waffles are really good! I’m glad you like this post, that smoothie is awesome! The recipe for the cake batter butter was actually just calling for the butter extract, but I think in order to taste cake batter-y it needs the almond extract and vanilla as well…otherwise it tastes like popcorn flavored stuff…:)

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