Vegan MoFo 2017 Day 7: Dessert!


As the first week begins to come to a close, I, Fluffy the Vegan Unicorn want to remind you that there’s no need to shame yourself or others for indulging in vegan desserts.

In fact, I had Laura whip up this drawing so you could see a sampling of my favorite desserts and my favorite types of vegan sugar you can use in them.

And here are some more of my favorite desserts not listed on the pyramid:




Cotton candy


Gelatin-free gummy candy






Aquafaba meringues

Tell me, what is your favorite vegan, unicorn worthy dessert?








2 responses

  1. A very important message! These days I’m all about donuts. For two years there were no vegan donuts to be found in my city, and now suddenly there are two places to get them freshly baked. I’m making the most of it!

    • Yes, we’ve had the same happen here. I haven’t really tried any yet though because I try to limit how much gluten I eat because it makes me miserable but lately I’ve been cheating a lot… so maybe I should try one. Haha. Although I really like the ones I’ve made, just a lot more work.

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