Vegan MoFo 2017 Day 16: Zombie Apocalypse

Fluffy the Vegan Unicorn here!

We are on week three, which get into ingredient challenges. Today the theme is “what can you make from just canned or foraged food?”

I’m really in trouble if a zombie apocalypse ever comes! All I stockpile for food is cake, frosting, sprinkles, sugar, ice cream, and candy. Unicorn pantry staples. If the electric power goes out during the said zombie apocalypse, which it probably will, it will not be pretty for me. I kinda need the magic of refrigeration! Although, I suppose I could summon my friend, the yeti, to help me out, so don’t feel bad for me!

So today, we’re not really looking at canned food because as far as I know there’s no such thing as cake in a can.

But, to keep with the theme, Laura and I made something delicious without going out of the house, using only what was available. Luckily, we still had cake leftover from last week’s behind the scenes week. If you ask, me Laura’s still a little tired out from all this posting, so she got a little lazy today. She did eat half of her creation, which is all you can ask of her because it was a huge dish full of cake, key lime coconut yogurt, frozen fruit, and sprinkles.


I guess we’ve learned a lesson today: unicorns would not survive a zombie apocalypse. Sadly. Although we will always survive in your hearts and minds! Wait, is the zombie apocalypse what took us out in the first place?

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