Vegan MoFo 2017 Day 24: Finger Foods fit for a Unicorn Tea Party!

Hey. It’s Fluffy the Vegan Unicorn back again!

Unicorns love most finger foods, even though we lack fingers.

However, humans will especially like these unicorn-shaped tea sandwiches. Whether you are having a tea party to honor me with your fanciest and prettiest plates, silverware, desserts, tea, etc., or just like a really simple and delicious vegan tea sandwich, these will be a perfect addition to your sandwich repertoire.

These are so simple they don’t really require a full recipe.


The ingredients are:

Your favorite vegan bread, preferably thinly sliced (Laura used Dave’s Killer Bread’s thin-sliced White Bread Done Right organic bread). Also, make sure the cookie cutters will fit the slices of bread you will be using.

Thinly sliced cucumbers

Tofutti cream cheese

Sriracha, to taste or as needed for decorating.


First, cut two slices of bread with a unicorn cookie cutter. Make sure they face the same direction. Remove any unsightly crumbs or crust that may still be around the cookie cutter. Unicorns like clean edges.

Next, carefully spread a good amount of the Tofutti cream cheese on one side of the unicorn bread.

You can either spread a small amount of sriracha on top of the cream cheese or use the sriracha as a way to decorate the sandwich once it’s fully assembled. Unicorns like to give people lots of options here.

Then, top with cucumber slices. Depending on the shape of the unicorn cookie cutters, you may need to slice some of the cucumber rounds in half to better fit into the sandwich.

Repeat until you have completed your menagerie of unicorn tea sandwiches. I mean, you have enough to serve your tea party guests.


These sandwiches are also really great in kids’ bento lunch boxes, which we will be talking about this Friday for the Vegan MoFo theme of meals for the young (at heart).

Laura has been eating these sandwiches almost every day since she discovered their deliciousness, that I worry she might turn into one!

Until tomorrow, stay unicorny!




8 responses

    • What country are you from? I noticed you use British spellings in your comments. The reason I ask is because I think most people in the United States where I am from would not think of having cucumber sandwiches, but I think places with a British influence are probably more likely to have them since, it’s my understanding that these kinds of sandwiches are often served at tea and such. At least, that’s what I experienced when I visited that area of the world.

      • Yes, I’m British! Really, tea (the meal not the drink) is not as much of a huge thing here as it used to be, but sandwiches like these are really common at parties and such. My grandmother always makes huge trays for her village fêtes, cut into miniature triangles.

      • Ah, we’ll I haven’t been there in over 15 years now probably. I remember very clearly having tea in Scotland with these types of sandwiches offered at a restaurant. But yeah, these kinds of sandwiches aren’t as common here… but they should be because they are so good

      • Oh you can definitely get afternoon tea out – that’s something that’s a nice thing to treat people to, and you can even get a fair few places that do vegan afternoon tea now, but it’s not so much something you generally eat much at home…I guess nobody has much time.

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